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Popular Mentor Questions

What topics are covered in mentoring sessions?

Topics are determined by the mentee and can include areas such as managing a team, career planning, strategy, communication and influencing, raising profile, personal confidence and work/life balance.

Do I need to have specific knowledge of my mentee's industry and specialism?

No, the objective of Women Mentor Association is to partner the expertise and experience of the business and corporate world with the our community. Please share your ideas and suggestions of what has worked for you with regard to your career, management and leadership experience and support your mentee to apply it to their specific role and organization..

Who initiates first contact?

Either of you. You will be introduced to each other at the same time. Please reach out as soon as possible. If in the unlikely event, you do not hear from your mentee or mentor within 10 days, please let us know and we will chase and if necessary, rematch you.

What should I cover in the first mentoring session?

Establish the mentoring relationship first. Get to know each other and establish trust and complete confidentiality on both sides. Determine two or three specific areas that the mentee wants helps on and set some goals for the six-month program. At the end of the call, see if your mentee will commit to putting into practice some of the ideas and suggestions discussed.

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Yes. Please fill out an application at: COMING SOON

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No. There is no limit to the number of people from one organization who can apply to be part of Women Mentor Association as mentors..

Do I have to be in a certain country to participate?

No. The Women Mentor Association's work is global. All are welcome to participate, regardless of where you are based. Mentoring takes place via telephone or skype unless otherwise agreed by both parties..

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