Our current projects

Digital Inclusion

We believe digital inclusion means redressing the balance so that more talented women have the opportunity to pursue careers in Science, Engineering and Technology. We offer short-term internships to provide the opportunity for women to discover how rewarding a career in technology can be.

Donation : €1000 / €50,000

Training & Workshops

We provide training & workshops for WMA members worldwide on a diverse range of topics.Recent topics include the basics of entrepreunership, digital marketing and introduction to blogging platforms.These courses serve as a taster & we provide ongoing support and assistance should any of our members wish to explore.

Donation : €1000 / €50,000

Mentoring Program

Throughout our program,our mentees benefit from personal and professional development through their one-on-one & skype mentoring journey complemented by peer-to-peer learning, mentoring circles, inspirational talks, panel discussions, skills-enhancement workshops and networking events. The ultimate goal of the Mentoring Programme is to increase the number of women entrepeneur.

Donation : €1000 / €50,000


We offers four major projects within the Women Empowerment Program: Education, Rights and Life Skills, Income Generation & Marketing,we seeks to improve the quality of life of women living in the underprivileged, rural communities where we run our projects by providing them with economic tools, a basic education, improved health and a life without violence

Donation : €1000 / €50,000

Our Future projects


Donation : €1000 / €50,000

Gender Development

Donation : €1000 / €50,000

The Computer Center

Donation : €1000 / €50,000

International Outreach

Donation : €1000 / €50,000

How you can help us?

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