We are so glad that you want to help

We may be small, but our opportunities are big!

Volunteers are the unsung heroes of the charity sector and we applaud anyone who is willing to give up their time to make a difference to people’s lives. We are committed to aiding development here at Ripples Foundation: whether that be for a whole African community or for a committed volunteer wanting to learn new skills. We are on the lookout for volunteers and have a number of different ways you can contribute and help us make change happen!

What are Volunteers supposed to do?

As a WMA Volunteer you will gain the opportunity to make a real difference, supporting and working onprojects where your help is most needed.You can expect to be in a volunteering placement that suits your skills and profiles.You don't necessarily need a lot of experience to apply to be a Volunteer we are open to people with a wide range of backgrounds and different experiences.

Our on-line volunteering

If you don't have time to volunteer full-time, you can still get involved! As an online volunteers you will support the work of full-time volunteers & interns by carrying out short, time-specific online assignments, boosting the impact and long-term projects.

What's in it for you?

Volunteering can be personally rewarding and helps you 'give something back' to your community. as a WMA Volunteers you can choose from many different opportunities that we have.It can also give you a better chance of getting paid work, improving your career prospects or learning and improving your skills

When you volunteer with WMA you benefit yourself by:
  • build your confidence
  • Discover new hobbies and interests
  • Meet people who can help you follow your dream
  • Include volunteering experience on your CV
  • Get references
  • Other benefits of volunteering include:
  • Having fun doing something you've never tried before
  • A sense of satisfaction and achievement
  • The opportunity to make new friends with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences

  • Some of Our Volunteer's

    How you can help us?

    Offer Your Skills

    Offer your skills in a more meaningful way by effectively and efficiently aligning your skills, expertise and interests by helping other women

    Plan and work at events & conference

    Our volunteers play a big part in creating a good atmosphere and helping the event/conference goers to get the most out of their events.

    Fundraise for us

    Taking part in a sponsored challenge is a great way of raising funds to help our cause while challenging yourself


    We speak up for women drawing on evidence from our direct work, and make sure they have an influential voice in decisions that affect them.