Our Mission

At Women Mentor Association, we aim to:

  • Equip women with knowledge in relevant areas of their career
  • Encourage women in the pursuit of their dreams
  • Enhance women’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Ease the pressure women face as an entrepreneur
  • Enthuse women to positively influence other women
  • Personal development workshop's
  • Networking and Mentoring opportunity

Our Vision

We want all women & girls to see the endless possibilities for living a fulfilling life and to know they can make a difference in the world, big or small.

Worldwide Team Members

Our team at WMA is small in number, but large in impact. We have a deep passion for the work that we do to improve lives of countless of women. We believe in fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation that blends critical thinking and creativity.

We value both intellectual and professional growth while maintaining a sense of humor and fun in our work culture. We believe that everyone should have a voice so open communication is a vital component of our success. Beyond this, we provide a comprehensive benefits package to all our team members volunteers as well as working to encourage everyone to maintain a solid work-life balance.

Some of Our Team Members

Nadia Aimé

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Phénix

C Outreach Coordinator

Benjamin J

Development Director

Are you ready to become part of the family?

We are always looking for volunteer's & brand ambassadors to join us