Our Mission

Inspire Generation's of Possibilty Thinkers

WMA's mission is to promote the proffesional & personal advancement of girls & women around the world and to raise public awareness of the importance of empowering and mentoring girls & women to come and engage, connect, and share experiences with amazing women mentors who are pursuing their dreams

Quote of The Week

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.~Maya Angelou

Become a part of the world

Women Mentor Association is a Mentoring program that aims to inspire women & girls to reach out to other women, through the simple act of offering guidance and insight, help them achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Many women in developing and emerging markets have ideas and ambition to become successful entrepreneurs but are held back by barriers such as lack of access to business skills, technology,access to mentors, and finance.

In response, we have developed an innovative solution that combines mentoring with technology to offer cross-border support for women & girls. We match our mentee's with our female mentors with our matching algorithm it draws its information from an online matching form that all potential mentors and mentees fill out.

Using our platform, they spend time working one-on-one to achieve key business goals. Our mentees also build their business skills and digital literacy through our online and offline trainings and workshops, and become part of a global community of committed, ambitious entrepreneurs who are invested in each other’s success.Our program also boosts self-confidence through affirmation and recognition of achieved goals, and but also exposing our mentees to future opportunities and avenues toward success.

Our current projects

Digital Inclusion

We believe digital inclusion means redressing the balance so that more talented women have the opportunity to pursue careers in Science, Engineering and Technology. We offer short-term internships to provide the opportunity for women to discover how rewarding a career in technology can be.

Training & Workshops

We provide training & workshops for WMA members on a diverse range of topics.Recent topics include the basics of entrepreunership, digital marketing and introduction to blogging platforms.These courses serve as a taster & we provide ongoing support and assistance should any of our members wish to explore.

Mentoring Program

Our program creates an opportunity for experienced women to provide mentoring,guidance and encouragement to help other female entrepreneurs achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Mentoring creates a positive outcome for both Mentors & Mentees matching their varying levels of experience and talent.

International Outreach Program

Our International Outreach Program focuses on empowering women around the world, especially in areas where access to education and basic rights for woment may be an additional challenge. We aim to support women entrepreuners in these areas to promote business growth, create better business environments and empower other women to become voices of change in their communities.

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